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Toilet paper and facial tissue are both necessary items used in people's life. Many people know that toilet paper is cheaper than facial tissue. But they don't know why toilet paper is cheaper than facial tissue. And what's the difference between tissue and toilet paper? Today, let's learn all about the basics of toilet paper vs tissue, like tissue vs toilet paper cost.

toilet paper vs tissue

Toilet paper vs tissue paper


Facial tissue is made of wood pulp or bamboo pulp while toilet paper can be made out of wood pulp, bamboo pulp and recycled pulp.


Why can you flush toilet paper but not tissues? Facial tissue is not flushable while toilet paper can dissolve into water easily which won't clog pipes. We plan to conduct an experiment about the dissolution.

toilet paper vs tissue dissolving

You can see that the toilet paper will quickly dissolve into water when you stir. And tissue paper remains intact. In contrast, tissue paper is relatively strong and resilient when exposed to water. And the toilet paper is more easily dissolved and dispersed when it comes into contact with water. That's why you can flush toilet paper but not tissues.


The total number of bacterial colonies in the facial paper shall not exceed 200CFU/g while the toilet paper shall not exceed 600CFU/g.


Are tissues more expensive than toilet paper? The answer is yes. Tissues have higher hygiene standards. And the reason why tissue won't disperse is because a safe wet strengthening agent was added. So toilet paper is cheaper than tissues.


Toilet paper is suitable for toilet. And tissue is suitable for wiping hands, face and mouth.


Below is the table about "toilet paper vs tissue paper".

Toilet PaperTissue

Wood pulp.

Bamboo pulp.

Recycled pulp.

Wood pulp.

Bamboo pulp.

DissolvingToilet paper can dissolve into water easily.Toilet paper can't dissolve into water.
OccasionSuitable for toilet.Suitable for wiping hands, face, mouth.

Toilet paper vs water

Both water and toilet paper have their own pros and cons. If you want to know more, click bidet vs toilet paper.

BidetToilet Paper
CostBidet cost more.Bidet cost less.
HygienicBidet is more cleaner. But Being too clean doesn't mean it's a good thing.For person with rich body hair, toilet paper is more cleaner.
HealthBidet is more gentler on the skin. Keeping the bidet clean and properly maintained is the key.Toilet paper may have a significant stimulating effect on hemorrhoids.
ConvenientThe installation process on a bidet is a bit trickier. If you go out, you cannot carry a bidet with you.Toilet paper is more easier to use.
SafeIf the water heater malfunctions, the water could deliver scalding hot or shockingly cold water.Toilet paper is more safer.
EnvironmentBidet is more better for the environment.Toilet paper manufacturing requires trees.

Tissue paper vs napkin

Tissue paper is generally made of paper that is designed to be used once and then thrown away. Napkins are typically made of thicker, more durable material that can be washed and reused. Also, the napkins can come in a disposable paper.

Tissue PaperNapkin

Wood pulp.

Bamboo pulp.

Recycled pulp.

Wood pulp.

Bamboo pulp.

Cloth, like cotton or linen

FeaturesMore gentle.More durable.
PrintingUsually, tissue paper doesn't print any pattern on it.Paper napkin can be printed.
OccasionSuitable for wiping hands, face, mouth.Suitable for restaurant.


Does toilet paper dissolve in water?

Usually, toilet paper is designed to dissolve in water. It's made of wood pulp. Those fibers quickly come untangled and form a thin sludge that's easily carried by the water flow in the sewage system.

Are toilet paper and tissues the same?

No, toilet paper and tissues are not the same.

Can you use toilet paper as tissues? Is it OK to use toilet paper as tissue?

No. Some people may use toilet paper as tissues, it is not generally recommended.

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