What is Facial Tissue? Uses, Materials, Price and More

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Facial tissue is a commonly used item in people's daily lives. It's found everywhere. And it's soft, durable, and absorbent that can be used to clean surfaces, face and mouth. Today let's learn all about the basics of what is facial tissue, what is box facial tissue, facial tissue uses, price, what is facial tissue made of and more. Now, let's explore it.

what is facial tissue

What is facial tissue paper?

Facial tissue refers to a class of soft, absorbent, disposable papers that are suitable for use on the face. It is the process of dividing finished paper into square or rectangular shapes, stacking them on top of each other, and then placing them in a paper box with a small opening. Each time one paper is drawn from the small opening, another paper will be taken out.

For the purpose of use, facial tissue paper has good toughness and is not easy to break when exposed to water. This is to ensure that people are not prone to breakage when wiping their mouths. And the total number of bacterial colonies in the facial paper shall not exceed 200CFU/g. Want to know more, please click facial tissue in wikipedia.

What is facial tissue used for?

Facial tissue is commonly used for wiping face, mouth, and nose. It’s useful for quick clean up dust.

a person holding tissue to his nose

What is facial tissue made out of?

Usually, the facial tissue is made out of natural raw materials, such as virgin wood pulp and bamboo pulp. Facial paper requires non-toxic chemicals, no raw materials that are irritating to the skin, and no residue of fungi, viruses, and bacteria.

Virgin wood pulp

Virgin wood pulp features strong water absorption, less paper lint, delicate patterns on the paper, and soft texture. It can be the best quality paper raw material.


Bamboo pulp

Bamboo pulp paper has emerged in recent years. It is made from bamboo as raw material, like moso bamboo and nanzhu bamboo. The bamboo pulp seem to be more environmentally friendly. Because bamboo grows faster, taking less land and less water to ensure greater sustainability.


With lotion

Designed for runny noses, the facial tissue infused with lotion is more ultra soft than normal facial tissue. So you can skip any sore, red nose issues. Suitable for babies, kids and adults with dry, sensitive and allergenic skin.

facial tissue with lotion

Facial tissue price

The facial tissue price may vary depending on the size, weight and quantity of the tissue. Softer Paper Co. is your trusted source for buying cheap wholesale facial tissue paper for your business. And our boxes of tissues, cube tissue and facial tissues pocket packs are available in a variety of colors and designs. If you want them at an economical price, contact us for more details.

What is box facial tissue?

A box facial tissue refers to a type of facial tissue that is designed to be folded into a paper box for easy use. allows you to quickly pull a tissue from the dispenser box and use it. It makes your process easier and quicker.

box facial tissue

What is facial tissue pocket packs?

A facial tissue pocket pack is a small, portable individually packaged tissue paper. They are often made of soft, absorbent wood or bamboo pulp material. And they are small enough to fit in pockets, purses, backpacks or travel bags.

What is facial wipes?

The facial wipes typically contain ingredients like water, cleansers, and moisturizers to remove dirt, oil, or makeup from your face. They are convenient and can save your time. Another type facial wipes are dry wipes. They are disposable, chemical and fragrance free and can act as paper tissue.

What is the difference between facial tissue and normal tissue?

1.Material. Facial tissue is made of wood pulp or bamboo pulp while normal tissue can be made out of wood pulp, bamboo pulp and recycled pulp.

2.Dissolving. Facial tissue is not flushable while normal tissue can dissolve into water easily which won't clog pipes.

3.Microbiological. The total number of bacterial colonies in the facial paper shall not exceed 200CFU/g while the normal tissue shall not exceed 600CFU/g.


Is facial tissue the same as Kleenex?

Facial tissues are often referred to simply as "tissues", or (in Canada and the United States) by the generic trademark "Kleenex", which popularized the invention and its use outside of Japan.

When was facial tissue invented?

The Kimberly-Clark corporation created the first facial tissue in 1924, the product was advertised as a make up remover and cream.

What is the softest facial tissue?

I think the softest facial tissue is typically made from tissue paper with lotion. It is more ultra soft than normal facial tissue.

How to choose a better facial tissue?

1. Good water absorption 2. Safe

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