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Wholesale Jumbo Rolls

The jumbo rolls are designed to be used in public restrooms, schools, or other high-usage facilities, which are generally larger than standard rolls of toilet paper. Prepare jumbo roll bathroom tissue for your business restrooms. They can save lots of time and money. We can offer a wide selection of jumbo toilet paper rolls that are perfect for you, including 1 ply, 2 ply, various of sizes and more custom options. And they are made of high quality pulp material. Buy jumbo roll tissue in bulk for wholesale prices from us.

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Wholesale Jumbo Roll Suppliers

Wholesale Jumbo Roll Suppliers

We are a customized private label toilet paper manufacturer in China that can provide toilet paper, facial tissue, paper towel as well as jumbo roll and more. We have been in business since 2009. With experience over a decade as a company, we are truly passionate about producing the highest quality paper products and we are dedicated to support you and your business.

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Responsible for offering a wide range of hygiene paper products, we ensure that we offer the best quality items for customers. All of these products are well-made, with a focus on strength and luxury.


The paper products can be customized according to your specific needs. You can get private label products in a range of options, like sheet size, core size, ply number, and width. We can also assist with packaging and more.


Buying jumbo toilet rolls in bulk direct from manufacturer can save you a lot of money and time. Luckily for you, we carry a huge selection of bulk paper products at wholesale prices that are in stock or customized.

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People Also Ask

What is a jumbo roll?

A jumbo roll is a large roll of toilet paper that is larger than standard rolls. It is designed for use in public restrooms or commercial settings. Jumbo rolls are usually made of high-quality, durable paper that can withstand frequent use and help prevent waste.

What is the diameter of a jumbo roll?

The diameter of a jumbo toilet paper roll is typically around 10-12 inches (25-30 cm).

How many regular rolls are in a jumbo roll of toilet paper?

High-capacity jumbo rolls provide the equivalent of 10 or more standard rolls.

Where to buy cheap jumbo roll at wholesale price?

You've found a leading discount toilet roll wholesaler. Softer Paper Co. is your trusted source for buying cheap wholesale mother roll for your business. We have some terrific deals for you.

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portrait Roberto From United States

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This jumbo roll bathroom tissue is so soft and strong at the same time.

portrait Jeff From United States

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Very reasonable price, as described, high quality large roll toilet paper.

portrait Jason From Canada

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It last a long time. It works very well. Quality all the way, from the order to the door.

portrait Louie From Philippines

5 stars verified purchase

The sample showed up quickly and was offered at a reasonable price.