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Making Pulp Promoting Enzyme

Making Pulp Promoting Enzyme

Making pulp promoting enzyme Kunzyme618 is a specially modified biological enzyme that is very effective in modifying paper pulp and does not damage fibers. This product is a collaboration with the Bioengineering Laboratory of the University of Southern California in the United States, using a unique cellulase cultivation technology specifically designed for the modification of pulp fibers in the papermaking industry. In practical applications, it achieves energy-saving and improves production quality and efficiency, improving production efficiency.

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The pulp promoting enzyme Kunzyme618 is a biological enzyme preparation containing fibrous enzymes, dispersants, and penetrating agents, used for pre grinding pretreatment of pulp to improve its beating (grinding) performance. This biological enzyme modifies the surface of fibers to increase their hydroxyl and carboxyl groups, promote fiber swelling, and enhance the binding force between fibers to enhance paper performance and improve paper quality.


  • Appearance: Tan liquid

  • Density: 1.10±0.10%

  • PH: 5±2

Performance and characteristics

1. Increase the flexibility, paper uniformity, and strength of the pulp, and reduce porosity.

2. Optimize the production process, reduce grinding energy consumption, and increase the pulp throughput of the grinding machine.

3. Improve paint retention, reduce fiber usage, and ensure the stability of paper machine operation.

How to use

Applicable temperature: 20-60 ℃. Applicable pH value: 6-8. Action time: 45 minutes or more.

Dosage: 100-300g/T (absolute dry pulp).


Sealed and stored in a cool, ventilated and dry place at 0-25 ℃, with a shelf life of 6 months.

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