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Wet Strength Agent

Wet Strength Agent

Wet strength agent is a water-soluble cationic polymer that can quickly adsorb and retain fibers when added to pulp. It undergoes a thermosetting chemical reaction during paper drying, thereby endowing the paper with the required wet strength performance. The product does not contain formaldehyde and is an ideal substitute for urea formaldehyde resin and phenolic resin.

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Our test report

ItemsTechnologyMeasured valueConclusion
AppearanceLight yellow to amber viscous transparent liquidLight yellowQualified
Charge propertiesPositive chargePositive


  • Appearance: Light yellow to amber viscous transparent liquid

  • Solids : 12.5±0.5%

  • Viscosity: ≦100mPa.s(25°C)

  • PH: 3-6

  • Solubility: Easy to dissolve in water


Suitable for the production of decorative base paper, toilet paper, napkins, fruit bag base paper, photography base paper, wallpaper tea bag paper, map paper, sea paper, medical paper, and building template paper with wet strength requirements.

How to use

Dilute the original solution or water 3-5 times and add it continuously or intermittently to the pulp. It is best to use it at a pH of 6-8.

Usage: 5-50 kg/ton of paper.


1. Packaged in 200kg or 1000kg plastic drums, stored in a cool place (5-30 ℃) to prevent freezing and exposure to sunlight, with a shelf life of 6 months. It can still be used after natural thawing after freezing, but the effect may be reduced. The diluted solution should be used up within 1-2 days.

2. The product is not flammable, explosive, or highly corrosive, and is not a hazardous material. In case of leakage, rinse with water.

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