6 Reasons Why Does Japan Use So Much Toilet Paper?

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Strictly speaking, the consumption of Japanese toilet paper is not the first in the world, but the per capita consumption of Japanese toilet paper is also amazing. In per capita terms, the per capita consumption of toilet paper in the United States reached 141 volumes, the largest in the world. In addition, the annual per capita consumption of toilet paper in Germany was 134 volumes and that in the United Kingdom was 127 volumes, compared with 91 volumes in Japan.

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Reason 1: Culture

Every time something special happens in Japan, the first reaction of the Japanese is to buy toilet paper, which has almost become a Japanese culture and habit. The amount of toilet paper consumed in Japan is amazing, which is still related to Japan's environment.

Reason 2: Pollen Allergy

The "national disease" in Japan is pollen allergy. Spring is the season when Japanese cherry blossoms are in full bloom. It is the most beautiful time in Japan, but it is also the most troublesome time for Japanese. According to the current statistics, two out of every five people in Japan have pollen allergy, which can even reach half in many counties of Honshu Island. When pollen flies everywhere in spring, it is also a time for Japanese to shed tears.


After the war, Japan once planted a large number of fast-growing trees such as Cryptomeria fortunei in order to restore forest coverage. Unexpectedly, Cryptomeria fortunei was everywhere later, which became a nightmare for many people in Japan, because Cryptomeria fortunei can blossom and has a large amount of pollen. Because there are too many pollen allergy groups in Japan, the consumption of toilet paper keeps rising every time the flowers bloom.

Reason 3: Keep Moist

In addition, Japanese, especially Japanese women, have thinner cuticles than people in other places, so they are vulnerable to external stimuli. In order to protect the skin, Japanese often use paper towels or wet wipes dipped in water to wipe the skin and keep it moist.

Reason 4: Wipe The Sanitary Wares

The Japanese also have a unique living habit. They like to sleep on tatami, so they need to clean the room carefully. Every time I clean the room, I like to carefully check where there is dust after dragging the floor, and then clean it with toilet paper.

The toilets in many places in Japan are intelligent, and have the functions of washing and drying. However, even so, many public toilets in Japan still provide a lot of toilet paper. Although the public toilets are regularly cleaned and disinfected, many people are still used to wiping the sanitary wares with toilet paper and disinfectant before reuse when it is convenient.

There is no duster cloth in foreign countries. They use disposable things. Toilet paper is one of them.

Reason 5: Stay At Home

Now Japan has entered a low desire society. Many young people prefer to stay at home alone, not go out and socialize, or even stay at home for a long time. After eating and sleeping at home all the time, naturally, there is a great demand for consumables such as toilet paper.

Reason 6: Habit

Speaking of a clean country, we may never think about it. After all, this is not good for statistics, but if we look at other data, it can also reflect from the side whether the country is clean. For example, the sales of daily cleaning products such as shower gel, shampoo and toilet paper can also reflect the cleanliness of a country. According to this indicator, Japan is the cleanest country in the world.

At present, the population of Japan is only 120 million, less than one tenth of that of China. However, the amount of paper used by Japan far exceeds that of China, reaching the first place in the world. Data shows that a Japanese usually uses two to three rolls of toilet paper at home for a week, which is just roll paper. There is even more paper in the whole package. On average, a person can use a package of paper in less than a week. This is just a self purchase. There are many places in Japan where paper towels are free of charge. If all of them are included, we are absolutely surprised by the amount of paper used by the Japanese. The reason why Japan has become the world's largest paper country is inseparable from Japanese habits.

First of all, Japan is a very clean country, even a little bit clean. This has been the case since the beginning of history. They will clean the room. Tables, chairs, benches, televisions, sofas, etc. are all wiped with toilet paper. These towels are usually available in our country.

Secondly, it has something to do with the Japanese constitution. Their skin is easy to be abraded and injured, so soft paper towels are always available in every Japanese handbag or schoolbag. Maybe it is really a land that nurtures people. In addition, the whole people in this country adore cherry blossoms. However, when cherry blossoms are in full bloom, many people have different degrees of people's skin to cherry blossoms, leading to a large increase in the amount of paper used.

The last point is that in this country, the paper is very thin. Each kind of behavior corresponds to different until now. If there are many categories of a thing, it means that there are many people and times to use it.


So in Japan, a unique toilet paper culture has even been formed. The classification of Japanese toilet paper is very detailed and there are many kinds. The overall industrial chain is quite complete. In various occasions, there are almost special toilet paper, such as those used in kitchens, bathrooms, disinfections, oil stains and dirt, etc.

98% of Japan's toilet paper is produced by itself, of which 40% is produced in Shizuoka County in the east. The self-sufficiency rate of many things in Japan is very low, but the toilet paper is basically self-sufficient.


Is it okay to flush toilet paper in Japan?

When using toilets in Japan, leave toilet paper in the toilet bowl and flush the toilet after use. Papers that can be flushed down the toilet are only toilet paper and other paper that can be flushed. 

Do japanese use toilet paper or water?

Toilet paper is used in Japan, even by those who own toilets with bidets and washlet functions. In Japan, toilet paper is thrown directly into the toilet after use. However, please be sure to put just the toilet paper provided in the toilet.

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