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Wholesale Eco Friendly Bamboo Kitchen Paper Towels In Bulk


Our eco friendly paper towels are made with quality bamboo pulp material without dyes, inks or fragrances. Unlike normal trees, bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world. So the bamboo fiber helps reduce the need for virgin wood pulp. Our super strong, ultra-absorbent bamboo paper towels are more durable and longer lasting. It's a sustainable solution for the majority of your household clean-up needs. Biodegradable, and compostable. green leaf

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Custom Paper Towel

Custom paper towel is a great promotional item. It can make an amazing first impression on your customers. Design your unique artwork to let your brand's personality shine. Unlock custom material, embossing, layer, size, packaging and color options with wholesale orders. Talk to us about your custom idea.

Custom Paper Material

The paper products can be made from many different materials, including wood pulp, bamboo or sugarcane. Virgin wood pulp is the most common version among bathroom accessories because it is the most popular. The bamboo option is best for those who want to protect mother earth.

Custom Paper Embossing

Choose from many embossing patterns, which can Increase perceived value of products.

custom paper embossing

Custom Paper Ply

We carry custom paper ply option. And the paper ply can come in 1 ply and 2 ply. 1 ply paper can save you money. 2 ply paper ranges from the ultra soft to economical and eco friendly. 

Custom Paper Size

These paper products are available in customized sizes and weight. What's important, the paper rolls should fit in any dispenser.

Custom Paper Packaging

Find your perfect sustainable packaging solution. Custom a designed packaging for a cohesive look. And we provide free design services for paper packaging. Boost your brand to the next level.

More Customization Options

Looking for more custom paper options? Contact us for all possibilities on the paper products. Whatever your choice, we will help make it happen.

Paper Towel Manufacturer

We are a customized private label toilet paper manufacturer in China that can provide toilet paper, facial tissue, paper towel as well as jumbo roll and more. We have been in business since 2009. With experience over a decade as a company, we are truly passionate about producing the highest quality paper products and we are dedicated to support you and your business.

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Specification of this Eco Friendly Paper Towel

StylePaper Towel
MaterialBamboo Pulp
Weight (g/roll)187g or Custom
Ply2 Ply or Custom
Roll Height (cm)22.5cm or Custom
Length/Sheet (cm)21cm or Custom
Diameter (cm)11.5cm or Custom
Core Diameter (cm)4cm or Custom
Individul PackageCustom
Rolls/Bag2 Rolls or Custom
Embossing3D Embossing
ManufacturerSofter Paper Co.

Wholesale Price

If you are looking for wholesale paper towels in bulk for resale, we're thrilled to offer you the most competitive unbeatable wholesale prices for paper towel on the market. As we are a paper manufacturer, we secure the best deals and ensure that you receive the lowest wholesale prices available.

Contact us for all possibilities on all our paper products for any budget. And we will talk about bulk price, shipping options, delivery times and more. Let's work together to elevate your business and meet your customers' needs effortlessly.

People Also Ask

Which paper towel is environmentally friendly?

Bamboo paper towels are better for the environment.

Are bamboo paper towels better for the environment?

Bamboo is more eco-friendly to grow and produce paper products than its tree-based counterparts. Bamboo is cultivated in tropical climates in Asian countries. It grows faster than other plants and is ready to be harvested faster.

Where to buy eco friendly paper towels?

You've found a leading discount paper towel wholesaler. Softer Paper Co. is your trusted source for buying cheap wholesale paper towel for your business. We have some terrific deals for you.

Are paper towels compostable?

Yes. All paper towels can be composted except the towels that cleaned up toxic materials messes or viruses. They can compost well and break down quickly. And composting paper towels can create nutrient-rich soil. So please put these paper towels in the compost bin. To learn more, click "are paper towels compostable".

What are paper towels made of?

Common paper towels materials include virgin wood pulp or bamboo pulp. Among them, paper towels made of virgin wood pulp have good water absorption and soft texture, but their prices are relatively high. Bamboo pulp paper towel has natural antibacterial and are environmentally friendly, but its water absorption is slightly inferior to pure wood pulp. Non-toxic, water-based adhesives play a big part in paper towel manufacturing. To learn more, click "what are paper towels made of".

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portrait Chloe From United States

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The bamboo paper towel is very good. It exceeded my expectations. This is the first time I bought such a product.

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5 stars verified purchase

Feels strong. And the supplier was friendly and helpful.

portrait Brent From NZ

5 stars verified purchase

This environmentally friendly kitchen towel is great and cost is fair, I will be a repeat customer!